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What are Microservices and what advantages does it offer?

  Microservices are an architectural and organizational style that develops software as a single application; it consists of building an application as a set of small services, with well-defined and independent operations between them. With the aim to deliver scalability, resilience, and performance Bankingly built a Microservices-based app for financial entities. Let´s empower your financial...

Why are Financial Institutions hesitant to partner with tech providers?

Many SME financial institutions, banks, credit unions, and coops know the vast opportunities in today’s profound digital transformation. They understand change is inevitable. They need a modernized platform to enhance back-office efficiency and realize they must cater to a new generation of mobile/digital/social-first customers who demand a better customer experience. To cater to this market...

Will Taxation of Digital Services boost growth?

The digital economy has accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic in many countries and moved from the conventional brick-and-mortar and cash-based models. This has raised concerns about the preparedness of tax regimes and presenting daunting problems and opportunities for tax authorities. According to the Organization for Co-operation and Economic Development (OECD), 27 countries in Latin America...

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