Bankingly Campaigns

The online marketing orchestrator for financial institutions

Smart campaigns

Bankingly Campaigns is a smart omni-channel solution for orchestrating marketing campaigns over digital channels. executing effective online marketing campaigns identifying the next best marketing action for each channel and context.
In that way BC helps increase costumer’s satisfaction and

Boost your conversion rates delivering the best-fit offer for each customer,
using our NextBestAction® and Personalization technology.

Invest your time in designing marketing campaigns aligned with your clients
and business goals, not in executing them.

Omni-virtual user profile

BC consolidates all relevant information from multiple systems and sources, creating an omni-virtual customer profile. Composing a deeper and wider view of your client, including its interests, needs and behavior, allows ICBS to determine which profile fits in for each campaign.

Learning from clients
The customer’s profile will be enriched with actual results of executed campaigns and data from every interaction through the different channels. The profile can also be enhanced by gradually integrating additional external sources of information such as CRM, DW and BI systems.

External segmentation
BC allows you to keep the segmentation process outside the BC solution. Specific data import features support the usage of external segmentation criteria which can be combined with existing profile information.

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Orchestrate all your campaigns, through all your channels, automatically.

Create and manage your campaigns using a simple and intuitive centralized campaign repository.


  • Personalize your communications to increase engagement and loyalty.
  • Contact your clients through their preferred channels, with relevant, personal, and contextual messages.
  • Optimize your message effectiveness using A/B testing.


  • Maximize your conversion using the power of Big Data and Machine Learning.
  • Our industry optimized algorithms define the next best marketing action for every communication instance with the client, making sure you are always omni-relevant.

Real time

  • Learn from your client’s actions, needs, and interests in real time.
  • Track, analyze, and improve your campaigns, with zero downtime.