[Webinar] How technology can empower financial institutions in Africa?

by Martín Naor • April 23, 2018

How to properly bring AI to your Credit Union?

by Justin Graside • December 12, 2017

The meaning of Artificial Intelligence has changed over time, but in its essence, it has always remained around a simple idea: to build machines that are capable of thinking like humans. In the world of financial services, it is a very competitive world. To stay current, credit unions must keep abreast of emerging trends and […]

Are millennials really so important to the financial sector?

by Justin Graside • October 9, 2017

The word Millennials generates many reactions. From excitement to see in this generation great opportunities to bewilderment for not knowing how to generate these opportunities. In financial services many times the reaction caused by Millennials is the second one. This generation is of great importance, given that it is the largest one in terms of […]

How to increase your customers profitability

by Justin Graside • September 26, 2017

  There are three concepts that are very popular across the sales environment. “Up selling”, “cross selling” and “cycle selling”. This means offering adds on the customers current products, offer them different products and renew the old ones that are about to expire or offering new products. If a financial institution is able to use […]

Two factors you were not considering to retain the clients of your financial institution

by Justin Graside • September 26, 2017

What do financial institutions really need to have to retain and attract new customers? This question might have came up in several financial institutions´ board meetings and for sure there were several different answers too. Customer service, best rates, products, fraud and theft safety or transparency probably are the first ones that pop into your […]

Financial institutions & millennials: a tough but profitable relationship 💔⚡❤️️

by Justin Graside • August 23, 2017

Millennials no longer go to the video store to rent a movie, they want to use services and access products from anywhere. It is the generation with more people today. In 2025 they will represent 75% of the global workforce and it is estimated that their decade of greatest spending will be in 2020. Expecting Millennials […]

Financial institutions for Millennials… and not so Millennials [Complete Guide]

by Justin Graside • August 4, 2017

Everyone talks about Millennials. If you type millennials on Google Searches, the search suggestions represent what most people think about them. Also, Memes usually intend to make fun about this generation and their habits. However,  deeper analysis of Millennials, their habits, and  influence upon others is necessary for financial institutions, in order to conquer millennials, […]

What role will bots play in the financial sector?

by Justin Graside • August 3, 2017

A bot is a software that by using Artificial Intelligence can automatically answer to queries made by users. Although this is not massified on the industry yet, some banking institutions are already using this technology. According to Gartner, by 2020, 85% of transactions between brands and consumers will be through chatbots. Today bots’ most common […]