December 4, 2023

Hipodromóvil: The Formula for Success in Caja Hipódromo's Digital Growth

How did Caja Hipódromo manage to generate exponential growth? Through Hipódromovil, its set of digital channels.

In a financial landscape where trust and stability are paramount, Caja Hipódromo stands out as a cooperative that has successfully blended tradition with innovation, yielding high-impact results in its daily operations. How did they achieve this? Hipodromóvil, their set of digital channels developed by Bankingly, has been the key to their exponential growth.

Caja Hipódromo, a savings and loan cooperative regulated by CNBV (National Banking and Securities Commission), is built on values of responsibility and collaboration. With a network of 15 branches strategically located in Durango and Zacatecas, Mexico, the institution solidifies its presence in the region.

Esperanza Santillan, Project Administrator at Caja Hipódromo, shares the journey towards digitization: "The adoption of digital channels was a basic necessity, something very much requested and demanded by members, but also a necessity for Caja itself, to reach beyond." Hipodromóvil has been the catalyst for this transformation, providing fluidity, trust, and security in every interaction.

Bankingly's differentiator is clear to Esperanza: "The support they offer to their clients is their greatest differential. They are constantly attentive to the processes taking place and any questions that may arise," she emphasizes. Bankingly has been an indispensable ally in this journey. The collaboration and support provided as a digital channels provider have been the major differential for Caja Hipódromo. "We have always been able to count on their support, from before the hiring process, during it, and after the integration process," comments Esperanza.

Hipodromóvil not only represents technological modernization but also a commitment to quality, speed, and an expanded reach to offer more accessible and efficient financial services.

Experience here the complete testimony of Caja Hipódromo's collaborators and partners firsthand.

Join us on this journey of digital transformation and discover how the fusion of tradition and technology can change the outcomes for your financial institution!

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