May 5, 2022

Historical investment round!

Today at Bankingly, we announce the conclusion of a successful investment round worth $11 million

To cover a range of expansion activities including our entrance into 25 new markets across Latin America, Africa, and high potential Asian markets.

There is so much transformation happening across the global fintech landscape and as such we must tap into these opportunities to drive our vision for financial inclusion forward.

This investment round was led by Dalus Capital, and accompanied by IDB Lab, IDC Ventures, Athos Group, Kube Ventures, Grupo Finacess, iThink VC, Sonen Capital and Oikocredit. The new investors join existing ones that include, among others, Elevar Equity and Endeavor Catalyst.

This investment will position us as strategic partners of financial institutions for their digital transformation, with a focus on the development of customer-facing applications and digital channels.

As we take steps toward creating positive change in digital technology, this investment will also enable us to expand our offer and start up a marketplace for commercial partner products that enhance the value of the existing SaaS platform. This platform currently holds more than 3.5 million users under contract, a number that is growing rapidly.

Martín Naor, CEO & Founder of Bankingly, speaking on the investment round stated:

“This new round of investment allows us to access a virtuous circle of growth opportunities in the world of payment methods, remittances, and emerging business models for financial institutions. Without a doubt, we are changing the industry and bringing premium digital services to a historically underserved customer segment. I am proud of the team; they have done an incredible job so far and I am excited about the clear path forward to the exceptional position we will undoubtedly build throughout 2022.”

Diego Serebrisky, Founding Managing Partner of Dalus Capital, also stated:

“At Dalus Capital we are tremendously excited about the opportunities that are ahead for Bankingly, which today is the leading global SaaS technology company focused on the digital transformation of financial institutions in emerging countries for customers.

We are proud to support Bankingly in its growth and expansion as it is contributing to the financial inclusion of millions of people, first in Latin America and Africa and soon in Southeast Asia.”

As the world takes shape as a global village, financial institutions are beginning to understand the importance of incorporating digital banking solutions into their traditional banking systems. At Bankingly, we facilitate this change by providing fast, smart, and reliable digital banking solutions.

This investment round is only the beginning and bridges the gap between where we are now and where we hope to be in a few years. As a team, we are excited to see what the future holds.

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