Our Solutions

We provide financial institutions with a modern and integrated digital banking suite within weeks.

Strategic partnerships

The alliance between Bankingly and Fraud.net combines Bankingly's leading digital banking platform with Fraud.net's real-time risk management and fraud expertise, showcasing our patented machine learning methodologies and advanced artificial intelligence capabilities. Together, we deliver a comprehensive and secure experience to our customers, ensuring trust and reliability in digital payments.

Kevin Shine Head of Global Sales

Through the powerful alliance of Jumio + Bankingly, financial institutions can streamline the onboarding process, enhance KYC, strengthen fraud prevention, offer a seamless user experience, and ensure comprehensive data security. This synergy between Jumio – as a leading global provider in identity verification – and Bankingly's onboarding product enables organizations to stay ahead of regulations, protect their operations, and provide a superior digital banking experience to customers.

Samer Atassi VP for Latin America

We are excited about this strategic collaboration with Bankingly. Together, we will take digital transformation to a new level, empowering financial institutions in Latin America to thrive in an ever-evolving digital environment.

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Alejandro Martínez CEO

Together with Bankingly, we implemented the digital channels project, the impact of which is reflected in increased accessibility for cooperative partners, including rural areas.

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Miguel Landívar Chief of Innovation

Through the strategic alliance with Bankingly, we have managed to expand our value proposition by improving the offering of digital channels for our customers. At SÍNTESIS, we aim to transform the future of Bolivia through technology, and we have aligned with Bankingly in this vision through an agile and efficient implementation.

Eduardo Pedro Aranda Mojica Director of New Business

Bankingly has revolutionized the financial sector with versatile and accessible digital channels. Their solution perfectly fits the needs of clients regardless of their size. It constantly improves to meet the requirements of the sector and its users with a quick, secure, modern integration at the best cost in the market.

Silvia Penson Executive Director

Bankingly has years of experience building digital channels for financial institutions and so this collaboration means that we can now provide a comprehensive digitization plan for financial organizations that are looking to scale, without them needing an in-house technology team to build.

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Toyin Olaseinde Co-founder & COO

Participating in projects where Bankingly has been the provider, we have witnessed their great ability to understand and address the specific needs of Financial Inclusion Institutions and their end customers. Bankingly's value proposition lies in their capacity to offer relevant and beneficial technological solutions, providing institutions with personalized support on their journey to digital maturity, adapting to the unique pace and requirements of each one.

Flor Suárez Senior Consultant – LATAM